GSKA 2016 SuperSeries Schedule Announced
GSKA 2016 SuperSeries Schedule Announced

GSKA 2016 SuperSeries Schedule

Race #1 - March 12th
Vintage Winternationals - March 17th - 19th
Race #2 - March 26th
Race #3 - April 23rd
Race #4 - May 7th
Race #5 - May 21st
Race #6 - June 4th (Night Race)

Race #7 - July 30th
Race #8 - August 13th
Race #9 - August 27th
Race #10 - September 10th
AKRA Round 3 Barnesville - September 16th-18th
Race #11 - September 24th
Race #12 - October 8th
Race #13 - October 29th
2016 GSKA Awards Banquet - November 13th
 New Practice Procedures Effective December 2015
New Practice Procedures Effective December 2015

Effective December 4th, 2015 there will be a new procedure for practicing at Lamar County Speedway.

For convenience, the payment buttons have been added here. There are two options for practice:

1. Single Racer Practice $36 - Self explanatory, one DRIVER practicing.

2. Family 2 Driver Practice $56 - Must be immediate family members (ie. Father/son, brother/sister, husband/wife). Covers TWO DRIVERS.

Please note that payment is PER DRIVER not per kart. So, if you bring one kart and have 3 drivers drive the kart, each driver who goes on track MUST PAY FOR PRACTICE.

Once you pay either print your PayPal confirmation or if using mobile pay do a screen capture and be prepared to present proof of payment if asked to do so.

Single Racer Practice $36

Family Special (2 Racers in same immediate family) $56

Technology is being installed to monitor who is on track, and when they are on track. There will also be spot checks by both GSKA and Lamar County Speedway officials. If either organization's officials ask for proof of payment the racer must present proof of payment for the current day.

If someone is found to be practicing without payment, the first time they will be asked to pay on the spot, the standard fee plus a $20 handling fee.

A repeat offense will result in suspension of GSKA event privileges and possible trespassing charges being filed.

The track owners are being very flexible and fair in regards to practice. GSKA would like to ask everyone to PLEASE be responsible and do the right thing. The track owners have made it clear that if a pattern of non-payment continues that they will secure the property with the track only being open for use on GSKA event days.
 2016 Classes Announced
2016 GSKA SuperSeries Classes Announced

Classes for the 2016 GSKA SuperSeries have been announced.

Check out the Announcements Forum for all the details.


LO206 Sportsman & Junior classes added

IAME Micro Swift & Mini Swift classes added

Yamaha Senior now has Can or Pipe option, with weight break for can

Yamaha Rookie eliminated, Yamaha Sportsman minimum age now 7
 Exciting Awards Banquet Contingency Awards Announced!
Exciting Awards Banquet Contingency Awards Announced!

We have had some very gracious sponsors step forward with contingency prizes & awards for the 2015 GSKA Awards Banquet.


Sponsor: Atlanta Coring (Barry & Dori Copeland)
Award: $50 Roberts Kart Shop Gift Certificates
Class(es): LO206 Kid Kart, 4-Cycle Sportsman, 4-Cycle Junior, LO206 Senior
Contingency Requirements: Competitor must have competed in at least 1 GSKA race in the class and must be present at the banquet. One winner in each class will be chosen via random drawing.

Sponsor: (Darrin, Paula, & Connor Tebbe)
Award: GoPro Hero4 Session Action Camera - $300 value
Class(es): All GSKA Classes eligible
Contingency Requirements: Competitor must have competed in at least 4 GSKA events and be present at the awards banquet. One winner will be chosen by random drawing.
 GSKA 2015 Awards Banquet Coming Up November 8th
GSKA 2015 Awards Banquet Coming Up Sunday Nov. 8th

Come join your fellow competitors and families to wrap up the season in style! Everyone is welcome to the fun family event held at Dave & Busters Sugarloaf.

Check out the GSKA Banquet Page for all the details and to register!

Please register as early as possible so we can have an accurate head count.
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