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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2013 12:58 pm    Post subject: DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN TO BARNESVILLE/GSKA.... Reply with quote

With racer help, this will NOT happen to us. GSKA has actually have been growing and will,continue to grow...

I went to Roebling Road last weekend. The turnout for the entire race event was pitifully small, only about 35 karters. The club (SKC) announced that this would be the last race they would hold since their treasury will be depleted by the time they pay the bills from the race. There was a lot of discussion about whether holding a WKA national race in February could bring in enough income to hold another October race but time will tell. They said they would not even put on the WKA national race unless their treasury had the funds to pay the track bills and that doesn't look good at this time. They talked about raising the SKC membership dues to $100 to bring in more funds but the reality is that unless they get more attendance at the races they hold, they will not make it. Time will tell but it doesn't look good. The SKC was very appreciative of the vintage karters that showed up. We obviously helped them on the income side and it was nice to see a club appreciate that. Unfortunately, the sport we love seems to be dying. For a while now I have been telling people when they tell me they can't make it to a race but will attend the next one, that there may not be a "next" one if the events are not sufficiently supported. I remember going to Roebling Road years ago and the pits were slap full of trailers and motor homes. This weekend, it looked abandoned. Very sad.
Dick Charest...York, SC
"kart racing since 1958, was and still the best bank for the buck in motorsports"
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