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Clone Enduro Race Rules 11/23/2013

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jeff bacon

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 11, 2013 1:57 pm    Post subject: Clone Enduro Race Rules 11/23/2013 Reply with quote

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Clone Enduro Rules for 2013

One class - Clone Senior 15-up
340# - Small pipe open clutch
375# - Big pipe open clutch

1 ) One hour timed event, most laps wins race. Due to the length of the race, there will not be a manual timing backup, so your transponder (AMB Transx 160) has to work!
2 )We will do an enduro start per WKA 363.1. Karts will be lined up according to qualifying position. The flagman will raise the flag above his head ( at that time the motors can be cranked ) 30 seconds later the flagman holds the flag horizontally at chest level, 30 seconds later he waves the green flag for the start of the race and the 1 hour clock.
3 ) Each kart must do 2 pit stops, 1 minute in length with engine off if refueling. There will be people in the tower timing the stops. Pit stop time will start when the kart comes to a complete stop and ends when the kart leaves the pit. Anyone that leaves too early will have to perform a stop and go penalty of one minute. Pit stops can be made on any lap desired. If you do not make the two required stops, you will be disqualified
4 )Tire changes will be allowed, but must be done by hand or with 1 battery impact gun, no air tools permitted. 4 people max working on kart.
5 ) Each team must have a fire extinguisher for their pit area. Every kart must have at least one crewman (can be co-driver), to time the stop and to man the fire extinguisher.
6 ) All current clone rules apply. http://georgiasprintkarting.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5297
7 ) When using multiple drivers, kart must make class weight with lightest driver. Weights on karts cannot be removable. Top Five karts to be weighed at end of race. If the person qualifying the kart is under weight during qualifying, your team will start at the back of the starting grid. If the lightest driver on your team is under weight for the feature race then the entire team will be disqualified.
8 ) Top Five karts will go directly to the infield after the race for post race tech inspection. Only the driver and 1 crew member will be allowed in the tech area.
9 ) The normal 5 minute timed qualifier will set the field, and there will not be a heat race, just the feature race. There will not be any warm-up laps prior to the start.
10 ) Pit stalls will be marked off in oval infield area per qualifying position.
11 ) Yellow flag and red flag situations will not stop the clock.
12 ) No on board radios
13 ) $50 for 1st driver, $30 for each additional driver. $5 discount on 1st entry for paying online.
14 ) Special trophies will be given out.
15 ) If major pit stop is required for repairs, kart must exit at normal track exit, must be shut off and pushed to pit stall, either on ground or kart stand, and cannot be restarted until back on the grid area.
16 ) This is not a clone points event but we will run the normal schedule of events for the day.
17 ) Must be age 15 and over to compete.
18 ) Minimum age in the infield hot pits is 12.[/url]
Jeff Bacon
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