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2015 GSKA Wet Racing Policy & Procedures

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:10 pm    Post subject: 2015 GSKA Wet Racing Policy & Procedures Reply with quote

2015 GSKA Wet Racing Policy & Procedures

Note: For WKA Divisional races and WKA Gold Cup weekend there will be a spec rain tire - Bridgestone YLP

Races will be ran under wet or dry conditions.

In the event of rain conditions Kid Kart classes will not race and all registered competitors will be awarded rain points (200 points). Every effort will be made to adjust race order during race day to get kid karts on track in dry conditions.

Wet weather racing condition rules will be in effect when the Race Director declares such conditions

Wet Track: Raceable wet conditions are defined as a wet track but without deep standing water or heavy running water on the track surface. Heavy rainfall or the presence of an electrical storm (or other severe weather conditions) in the area is not acceptable wet weather racing conditions.

Wet Conditions: When wet weather conditions are declared ALL competitors should mount rain tires. Any competitors not mounting four rain tires will start in the rear of field. Only production-type rain tires that have been manufactured specifically for wet weather racing conditions will be permitted. Competitor modified, grooved, etc., dry condition tires are NOT acceptable for wet weather racing conditions. In "spec tire" classes, there will be no "spec" rain tire. Any production rain tire is acceptable for use.*

Race Director may choose to run (a) either the originally scheduled distance or (b) a shorter distance to accommodate for conditions.

Dry to wet conditions: When a race has started under dry conditions and wet weather occurs, necessitating a red flag condition, the event will be considered completed if one-half or more of the scheduled laps have been completed. If less than one-half of scheduled laps completed, Race Director may declare wet weather conditions and provide competitors a reasonable period of time (approx 15 minutes) to mount rain tires. Upon restart, event will revert to original starting line-up and be run (a) either the originally scheduled distance or (b) a shorter distance prescribed by the Race Director to accommodate for conditions.

If Race Director deems wet weather conditions have passed, subsequent races on program will revert to use of tires normally acceptable for competition. At this point ALL competitors must switch from rain tires to original tires. Also, Race Director may elect to fed flag an event started on wet weather tires and direct competitors to return to normal, dry track tires. In this situation if half distance is reached, event will be considered completed. If half distance not reached, event will be restarted according to original line-up and will be run either (a) the originally scheduled distance or (b) a shorter distance deemed necessary by Race Director.

In Wet Weather Conditions: Race Director will make every effort to notify upcoming events coming to grid if wet weather conditions will prevail. When dry/wet, wet/dry tire changes are necessary, Race Director may determine reasonable time period for competitors to effect changes and state as a time limit. Failure to meet the prescribed time limit will disqualify competitor from event.

Rain Out Conditions: Rain Out conditions shall be defined as non-raceable wet conditions (ie. a track with standing water or heavy running water, and/or the presence of electrical storm or other severe weather) that persists for an extended period of at least 1 hour. Once such conditions are present for 1 hour the Race Director may declare the race a rain out.

Incomplete Event: If an event can't be completed due to inclement weather or other circumstances, awards / points will be distributed based on:
a) Qualifying results, or
b) If heats completed for a class, starting positions of main

If some classes have qualified, and other classes are unable to qualify, in those classes who have qualified all registered karts will receive points according to time trials. All other paid registered entrants will receive 200 points.

*Does not apply to WKA divisional and WKA Gold Cup weekends - spec rain tire will be Bridgestone YLP.
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