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To do things for the new board and track owner.(think about)

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:23 am    Post subject: To do things for the new board and track owner.(think about) Reply with quote

1. 4 wide parade lap is fun and awesome

2.at the enduro's push the karts onto the track and have the drivers be introduced and interviewed

3. some odd races, turkey race, powder puff, etc.

4. T-shirts for the track (and not something silly that just says the track name)

7. More advertisement of the club and track( this could bring a lot of people)

8. More understanding of a kart...some people when you mention karting think of a bumper kart you ride at the local amusement park...

9. Lower entry fee's- Why don't we go down on the price?
We could talk to the track owner and make a deal with him or somthing.

10. How about one of these on the backstretch?

11. It would be cool to have a real flagstand. ( If we work together we might could build one.

12. Paving the Pits. Maybe also making the pits bigger.

13. Running water for Bathrooms and power at the track.

14. Lights at the track. (one problem with this- I don't want to go off track and hit a light pole really hard. We need to put them somewhere safe.

15. When there are people on the other side of the track watching- they have no clue what is going on. We could have speakers over there and tell them what is going on.

16. The track owner once said that he might expand the track. (Has he said anything about that lately?

Why don't we have a reporter or someone? They could come to each race and interview people and write race reports and etc.

18. Making the track look nicer. (I know I might sound like a girl) How about some flowers or some nice scenery or somthing.

19. Take the dirt mounds down. so nobody will pull a Michael Jackson.
clean some more run off space.

20. No more trash or weeds in the pit area. also the Fire ants,but that might be to hard.

21. Why don't we practice flagging in practice seesions? We could throw some black and red flags and see if the kids know what to do.

22. Some track, club, and class sponsors. This could also go back to #10

23. A grid shelter. one like this but have on the size of the grid.

24. have somthing like first 10 spectators to the track get a free t-shirt. or somthing like that.

25. more vintage karts. I like to watch those and they might bring more spectators to the track.

26. more racers. lets try to get some dirt oval racers come race with us.

27. How about a at the track kart part man. We have a few but how about a trailer just for parts?

There were some ideas and now I have some questions about situations.

1. Black flags. Have we decided on what the penalty will be if somone gets black flagged?

2. Photo Finish? Lets say that Carter won the clone race by a nose ahead of Mike and what if Mike had his trandsponder ahead of Carters? And Carter won the race but mylaps say that Mike won the race because his transponder crossed first. (Who would get The Win?)

3. I know this would take a while. But how about a restart if somone spins or wrecks? This might not be a good idea because they could spin on purpose. But it is just an idea.

4. If somone's kart doesn't start up on the grid how much time do you give them before the start of the race.

5. What happens if someone passes under yellow. but they didn't see the flag. What is the penalty?

6. We need to fix the Blue with the yellow stripe rule. The rule is you are about to be lapped and you need to let the leaders by you. some people don't let the leaders pass them. what do you do about that?

Sorry about this long post and thanks for reading it. Please let me know what your thoughts are. Just trying to help out the club.

"Porkchop Racing"
Joshua Warren
Clone Senior
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