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lost trophy

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scott tarrer 6

PostPosted: Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:26 am    Post subject: lost trophy Reply with quote

to whom it may concern this is SCOTT TARRER #6 yamaha heavy i was reminded by my wife this weekend that on the race for 4-12-08 i did not recieve my TROPHY for that race and i got FIRST PLACE i know that an old man like me sounds funny about TROPHY but i pay to do this and if i ever WIN i like something to show for it i know ther was only 2 drivers but the race was ran hard by me and the other driver passing each other finaly he went out and i won no matter how you put it i won and no trophy when i said somthing a few times it was stated that only the kids get trophy with 2 drivers i have seen others get trophys with only 2 drivers case in point the clone heavy class i looked in the rules for gska and it states on page 5 that awards are junior racers get first-third regardles of number of entries senior racers 2-4 entries get first place only this is in the 2008 rules i was told this weekend that seniors that dont race aleast 8 races during the year dont get overall trophys at the end but this acording to the rule book (gaka) does not apply to each weekly race.... i think this is just a mistake on someones part could someone please check and let me know if any doubt of this please look at the results page on the ( gska) forum this was race #3
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