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Racer Input Requested: Senior Animal Pro Gas Class

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Which approach for Senior Pro Gas Animal class would you prefer?
Option 1: Separate class from the start - with WKA rules
 31%  [ 5 ]
Option 2: Transitional combined class with Pro Gas running orange restrictor
 68%  [ 11 ]
Voted :
Total Votes : 16
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 24, 2014 11:20 am    Post subject: Racer Input Requested: Senior Animal Pro Gas Class Reply with quote

We have had several inquiries about the possibility of offering a Pro Gas Animal senior class. Our approach thus far to the Pro Gas Animal classes has been a transitional one, meaning we try to find a formula to allow the clone and Pro Gas engines to compete head-head in the same class. Unfortunately, in the Senior configuration the Pro Gas Animal is much higher performance than the clone, when both are ran unrestricted.

We have been hesitant to offer an outright Senior Animal Pro Gas class for fear that it will dilute the Senior Clone class and result in racers simply quitting.

So we are seeking input from current Clone Senior racers and racers who are interested in Animal Pro Gas senior. We have 2 possible avenues to take:

Option 1: Just outright offer a Senior Animal Pro Gas Class immediately

Option 2: In testing for the Junior Pro Gas / Clone Junior equivalency it appeared that an unrestricted clone with the big header is likely very close in performance with the Junior Pro Gas Animal engine (which has the Orange restrictor plate). An option to "phase in" a Senior Pro Gas Animal class would be to offer Seniors the option of running the Pro Gas Animal with the Orange restrictor plate OR an unrestricted clone in a "Senior 4 Cycle" combined class. This would keep the class numbers up during a transition to Pro Gas Animals. Once we had 3 or 4 guys in this combined class with Animal engines we could then ALSO offer a WKA Animal Pro Gas Senior class that would be unrestricted. Guys with Animal engines would then have the option of running 2 classes per race day by simply removing the restrictor for the WKA class.

Please vote in the poll and also please post your comments to why you voted the way you did. We'd love to hear the feedback.

Please, only racers that currently race in Senior Clone, or racers that would race in the new class(es) vote.
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