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PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:53 am    Post subject: ANYONE INTERESTED IN GSKA KART DRIVERS SCHOOL? Reply with quote

This has been discussed informally, aimed more at new/newer/younger drivers at our Barnesville track. But everyone would be welcome to participate.

We could also include kart prep and set up.

The agenda would follow other track events I have participated in over the years, both with cars and motorcycles.

First would be a BRIEF drivers meeting with a chalk board,,reviewing the track layout. General rules would be reviewed including the use and meaning of flags and passing a slower driver.

Then we would go to the grid and get prepped to go out,,discussing the proper use of safety gear.

Next would be follow the leader lapping, showing the racers the track "line". Starting at slower speeds so that students can observe subtle differences I the track. The pace then would be picked up until reaching near racing speeds but still under control.

Next, a break with walking the track, again looking at the race line, turn in/turn out/braking points. stops around the track to look closer at subtle track differences, ie the surface, the pitch/banking etc.

Next a lead/follow where the instructor leads first, then each student take some laps in from of the instructor with the instructor observing for later comments. Helmet cams could be used for later review. Instructor/student radios could even be used for real time coaching.

Next would be some practice starts,,followed by a practice race or two. A certificate could be awarded.

Graduates of the program would have rookie stripes added to the back of their helmets and maybe starting at the back of the pack for their first races. Once officials and racer's crew feel that their driver is ready, the rookie stripes would come off, and the racer's would be awarded their official GSKA competition license.

Such a course would be handled by GSKA regulars including some of our national racers in our club.

This would lead to an even safer track experience, and less stress for the racer's families ( moms!). Friends and family can even participate in the course with their racer.

We,could do these courses during selected off race weekends, or on Sundays following a race making it a family friendly weekend.

"kart racing since 1958, was and still the best bank for the buck in motorsports"
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