Race Registration
Race - 9, August 27, 2016 in Barnesville, GA
One online form must be filled out for each driver. This form must be received no later than 08:00 PM ET on Thursday (Friday for Night Race) before each race. If you pay online, you will receive $5 discount. Please fill up and bring this form if you were late to register online.
Transponders: Please only one transponder number per form. We need to know what transponder to use per class(es). If you are renting one at the track, type in rental. You must have a transponder to be scored in your race. If you do not want to use it, you will start at the back of each session and will not be scored or receive a trophy.

Class Entry Fees: $50/1st Class $30/additional classes (non members add $10 fee above)
If you have any questions about classes or race day schedule, please click on the appropriate link on top.
Already registered drivers
Kid Kart Comer   
Yamaha Sportsman2  Daniel Foust,  Jack Gambino,  
Yamaha Jr   
IAME Micro Swift1  Peyton Bridges,  
IAME Mini Swift   
Yamaha Sr2  Doug Austin,  Larry Foust,  
TAG Junior   
TAG Senior   
TAG Heavy2  Jeff Bacon,  Larry Foust,  
LO206 Kid Kart1  Peyton Bridges,  
LO206 Sportsman4  Hunter Burns,  Jack Gambino,  Jax Walker,  Kelly Puckett,  
Sportsman Pro Gas1  Hunter Burns,  
LO206 Junior   
Junior Pro Gas   
LO206 Senior4  Bob Barthelemy,  Brad Bacon,  David Franklin,  Wiley Holcombe,  
Senior Pro Gas   
Clone Senior   
Total entries17